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The Top 8 Reasons Why Diets Fail

If you're like most people looking to lose weight, the chances are excellent that your first instinct is to once again hop on board with the latest fad diet and prepare yourself for a few weeks or months of serious restraint. However, did you ever take a moment to really ponder why it is that diets never seem to yield lasting results? Studies show that for every 100 people who successfully diet those extra pounds away, only one will actually maintain that loss after a period of 5 years, the official medical benchmark that qualifies a weight loss as permanent. The following is an overview of some of the top reasons why.

  • 1. A diet is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Sure you'll lose a few pounds if you temporarily cut back on your calorie intake and avoid junk food.. but what do you suppose will happen when you quit dieting and go back to your old ways that had you packing on the pounds in the first place?
  • 2. Diets wreak havoc on your metabolism. Most diets involve cutting calories drastically. While this may seem like the quickest path to success at first glance, it's actually the surest way to make sure you fail in the long run. Your body's natural reaction to a sudden drop in calorie intake is to assume that food must be in short supply, sending it into instant "starvation mode". It conserves calories by dropping your metabolism drastically, making it harder and harder to continue losing weight.. and even more difficult to keep it off once you come off of your diet.
  • 3. Diets are "one size fits all". All bodies are not created equal. Therefore, it's unrealistic to expect every diet to work the same for everyone. Some people require more protein than others, while others need more carbohydrates to be and feel their best at all times. If the weight loss plan you choose doesn't suit your unique make-up, you're doomed from the beginning.
  • 4. Undernourishment leads to insatiable hunger. Many diets call for such severe and unnatural food restriction that the body becomes undernourished as a result. This causes a level of hunger that becomes harder and harder to resist over time. Your body doesn't want to burn off that safety deposit of fat if it can help it just in case you need it to survive famine or illness at some point in the future. It's going to compel you to break your diet and eat instead.. and it will only do so more urgently as time wears on. This is why most diets don't last longer than 72 hours.
  • 5. Lack of support from your social circle. Peer pressure can have a profound effect on whether or not a dieter succeeds. If your family and friends don't take your efforts seriously or - worse yet - actively try to sabotage them, you're in for a difficult haul and your diet is more than twice as likely to fail.
  • 6. A diet is rigid. Human beings like their freedom and this extends to their eating habits. When you're forced to give up all of your favorite foods in favor of unsatisfying "diet foods" that you don't enjoy the least little bit, your psyche naturally wants to rebel against that restriction. As the diet period wears on, it becomes more and more of a chore, making it easier to justify cheating or quitting altogether.
  • 7. Discouragement when results don't remain consistent. Let's say you have an ironclad will and have religiously followed your diet against all odds. Sooner or later, your body is going to begin to adjust to its new situation and your weight loss will slow down or even stop temporarily as a result. This is known as a "plateau” and it happens to even the most faithful dieters. It will pass if you're patient and/or make a few minor adjustments, but most people don't realize this. Instead they get frustrated, throw their hands up, and figure there's no point in continuing.
  • 8. Results can cause complacency. Once dieters begin to see a bit of weight loss going on, they often make the mistake of slacking off on their diligence. They may even decide to reward their efforts with extra food. After all, one extra serving won't hurt, right? Before they know it, they're once again entrenched in their old habits.

In the end, the key to weight loss success is leaving the "going on a diet" mindset behind for good and adopting a permanent lifestyle change for the better instead. Diets may not work, but long-term, positive change does each and every time!

Are You Ready to Master the Road?

Learn the skill, not the test. Most driving schools only care about helping you pass your driving test. At Complete Driving Solutions, we take a different approach. Our intensive and semi-intensive driving lessons will change the way you approach the road. Feel the car respond to your every touch. Revel in the purr of the engine as you and the car become one. Drive confident and alert, knowing that you are armed with the skills that will save your life should you happen to meet one of those other drivers--you know, the ones that only learned how to pass their driving tests.

Friendly, Experienced Driving Instructors

You should enjoy yourself when you are learning to drive. Don't get some tense, frightened rabbit of an instructor who sits, white-faced, in the passenger seat, gripping the door like he's ready to make a break for it. Get an instructor who will confidently guide you through a series of structured driving lessons which cater to your every need.

Do you need to learn how to drive a manual so you can get behind the wheel of the car of your dreams? No problem.

Just got your L-plates? We're right behind you.

Do you need a refresher because you got into a spot of trouble on the road? We'll help you avoid that embarrassment in the future.

Do you need advanced driving lessons to tackle new challenges? Some say that by the time we're done with you, you'll feel as confident behind the wheel as the Stig. Just tell us what you need, and we'll deliver. We even help people convert their non-EU driver's license to a UK license.

The road is waiting! Contact us today.

The 3 biggest diet no-no's

There are a literally endless supply of different diets, weight loss tricks, tips, and tactics out there in the world today – but still we are dealing with a global community that continues to get heavier and heavier on an almost daily basis.

This is due to a number of different reasons, some of them well within our control and some of them just outside our grasp. For instance, the weight loss world continues to peddle supplements, products, and other gizmos that are little more than modern-day snake oil – but at the exact same time most of us have been fully aware of what we need to do to lose weight all on our own. After all, the puzzle can be cracked with good, clean eating habits at an exercise plan that gets you up and moving.

But if you are looking for three of the biggest diet no-no’s you could ever learn (three of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid when you decide to take advantage of a diet or eating plan), you’re going to find the inside information you need below.

Stick to ONE diet plan at a time

I’m not sure what it is about human beings in general, but we all have a tendency to jump from one thing to another – without ever following through on the first thing.

This happens in work, movies, websites, or anything that catches our attention – including our diets. Don’t just jump from one “red hot” diet to the next without following one through all the way till the end – seeing how it worked out for you over the long haul.

Outline goals ahead of time

You're never going to be able to enjoy the results you’re looking for if you haven’t outlined exactly what they are in the first place. Different diet plans out there are designed and developed to do different things. Some diets are designed to help give you extra energy, some diets are designed to help you lose a tremendous amount of fat in a hurry, and others are designed to help you bulk up and gain serious amounts of muscle mass.

Unless you have outlined exactly the results you’re looking for, you’ll never be able to move forward with the right diet for your needs.

Measure absolutely EVERYTHING

The best way to keep your motivation running high – and to make the necessary adjustments to your diet on the fly – is to measure absolutely everything. Measure the food you eat, when you eat it, your weight before and after you ate it, and everything and anything else you can think of – tracking that data over a period of time so that you can see the impact. It weight loss journey is exactly that, a journey, and having instant feedback is going to give you the necessary motivation you need moving forward.

Different Types of Courier Services in Singapore

If you're looking for courier services in Singapore, you should know that plenty of options are out there. To help you explore the choices which are available to you, we're going to talk about the different types of courier services. Once we've discussed the options, we'll add a little information about how to find a courier service Singapore which suits your needs. Since many courier services SIngapore are out there, it's important to vet providers in order to find the best courier services

To start things off, let's look at courier service choices, one of which is bound to the be right for you.

Basic Services Are Out There

A lot of people want basic courier services which typically feature delivery the day after the package is processed. This type of fast, yet non-urgent delivery usually doesn't have a specific time of delivery. The parcel or letter will be delivered some time during the next day. In general, this form of courier service is the most affordable. To access this service, you may visit a courier office or call us and ask a courier to come to you.

If you opt for pickup, your courier will get the parcel or letter from you and then hold it during the balance of the day, as well as the evening. The next day, it will be delivered while the courier is doing his or her deliveries. If you want a specific delivery time, you may need to pay a bit more in order to access that service. However, the cost shouldn't be too much higher.

It's also possible to access courier services for very urgent deliveries. These will usually cost the most. No matter which service you choose, you'll find that the weight range of the parcel factors into the price. As well, it's possible to access delivery during the evening or at other non-business hours. Again, if a company is doing this type of delivery, it will usually charge more for it, as it's not during standard business hours.

How to Find the Right Courier

Finding the right courier doesn't have to be a chore. However, you should take the time to vet at least three courier companies which operate in Singapore before you make a final decision about which firm to hire. It's all about knowing that a company has a good reputation in the community, as well as affordable rates. In terms of establishing reputation, you'll find that it's simple to do so. Just look for online reviews about that company. If you can't find reviews, you may wish to move onto checking out the next company, as a company without a reputation is really an unknown quantity. Once you find a company with a great reputation, visit its official website in order to check out its list of services and prices. If you like what you see, call or email in order to arrange for a pickup and delivery. It's really that simple to find exceptional courier services in Singapore.

What Is On-demand Delivery?

On-demand delivery is a type of courier or delivery service which facilitates very quick delivery of packages, letters or other items. If you have an urgent shipment which you want to get from Point A to Point B, without any hassles or mix-ups, you should know that choosing a reputable and highly-rated courier service Singapore will be the easiest way to access the urgent delivery service that you want.

On-demand delivery won't be your only choice. However, it's definitely the best way to get something where it's going quickly. While it's true that you'll need to pay more for on-demand delivery than you would need to pay for standard delivery (which usually means delivery sometime the next day), it's sometimes worth the extra cash. It's all about urgency and on-demand delivery services definitely cater to those who want fast deliveries. Standard delivery is a better option if you don't need to get it there within hours. It's cheaper and more practical and your delivery will still arrive in a timely fashion.

Other options include night-time delivery and delivery on weekends and government-mandated holidays. These may be urgent or non-urgent. They will typically cost a lot more to access, simply because they are not performed during standard business hours.

Delivery methods will vary depending on what is appropriate. In some cases, a delivery service may send a courier on a bike or motorbike. Sometimes, couriers use vans or cars in order to get the job done. When distances are longer, air transport may be utilised. A good on-demand delivery company will provide the right options and no job will be too big or small. Such a company will work for private clients or corporate clients. Now, let's talk about how to access these expedited services.

How to Find On-demand Delivery

Courier services Singapore are out there and finding the best is really a matter of doing a bit of research and homework. To find the right courier service sg, be certain to check out a few different courier services. In general, visiting the official websites which pop up during a Google search for "courier services" will be a smart strategy. Top results for keywords are websites which get a lot of traffic, so the companies which rank highly in Google are likely to be popular choices with customers.

When you visit the official website of a courier service, you'll be able to see what this delivery service Singapore has to offer. Once you've looked at its services and prices, consider checking out some reviews of the company. It's best to avoid the testimonials at the website and look at the company's reputation at Yelp or another similar review website instead. Official websites of courier companies may have a lot of marketing materials which aren't really impartial.

Once you've checked out two or three companies, you should be able to choose a company which is affordable and convenient. Most websites will include full instructions on how to arrange for on-demand delivery via their websites.

Get the Inside Scoop on Delivery and Logistical Trends in Singapore

Delivery apps are one hot trend in delivery and logistics in the city-state of Singapore. If you want on-demand delivery which may be arranged via app, right from your preferred mobile device, you'll really appreciate what this type of ultra-modern service has to offer. Today, we're going to talk about the newfangled type of courier service Singapore and what it offers to customers.

What is a Delivery App?

A delivery app is one choice which may be selected from a range of courier services Singapore. When you choose a delivery app, you'll be able to download an app, which is available via a specific courier service sg, and then use this handy software application in order to arrange for courier services and in order to track services.

The key to accessing courier services via app is choosing a company which offers this high-tech, easy-to-use service. All delivery service Singapore companies don't provide apps, so you may need to look around a bit. To find an app fast, do a targeted Google search, for the keywords, "delivery app courier service Singapore". Adding this long-tail keyword to Google will be the key to finding the perfect courier service, without needing to wade through a lot of search engine results that don't provide the app service that you are looking for.

In general, big and established courier services in Singapore will be more likely to offer these kinds of services. However, there may be exceptions. It's best to shop around a bit and see what's out there.

How Do Delivery Apps Work?

These apps work by including features which allow users to arrange for courier services or track current courier services. Every app is different. However, in general, apps of this type are pretty simple and straightforward. Once you've downloaded the app, you should be able to program in information about your delivery, as well as personal information about you and payment information. You should also be able to schedule a service with ease and have the power to select the precise type of service that you want. For example, you may choose overnight delivery, urgent delivery (expedited) or what have you.

The options which are open to you will vary based on which app you use and which company the app was designed for. However, you may anticipate quick scheduling of a new courier service, according to your exact specifications. The beauty of these apps is that they are very simple to download onto mobile devices. This means that you'll be able to arrange for courier services while you're on the go or while you're lazing on the couch with your smart phone. It's all about convenience and that's why more and more Singapore delivery services are offering apps to their valued customers.

Now that you know more about the hottest delivery and logistical trends in Singapore, you'll be ready to move forward and select an app which is perfect for your needs. Without this type of app, you'll need to call or email in order to book a courier service.

Discover the Difference Between Local and International Courier Services

If you're curious about the difference between local and international courier services, our quick guide will definitely help you to get the answers that you need. We are experts on courier service Singapore and we're here to define both types of courier services Singapore, with a mind to helping you understand their key differences. Let's get the ball rolling by talk about what local courier service sg is. After this, we'll talk about courier services which are international in type.

What Are Local Courier Services?

Local courier services are located in Singarpore and they are designed to serve the needs of the local community. When you choose a local service, you'll be able to arrange for delivery within Singapore. Local courier companies will have a range of ways to deliver documents and parcels. For example, there may be bike couriers available, as well as couriers who operate via motorcycle, car or van.

It's possible to access urgent delivery if enough staff are on hand and most courier services will bend over backwards in order to accommodate these types of requests. While you may need to spend more in order to access urgent services, making sure that a priority package or letter gets where it has to go may be well worth the investment.

Other options include next-day delivery, which is usually cheaper, and night-time delivery or weekend delivery. Prices will vary based on the services provided, as well as which courier services in Singapore are doing the jobs. It's best to learn about services and prices via the Internet, so try to check out a few courier companies which operate in Singapore before you decide which one is right for you.

If you don't see pricing information at a website, and it's rare that it isn't posted, move forward by contacting a company that you're interested in directly. A quick call or simple email should help you to get the answers that you need. Since a lot of Singaporean companies are competing for business, you'll find that rates are pretty competitive. This means that there shouldn't be a big difference in price between one courier company and another. However, comparison-shopping before you arrange a service may save you some money.

What Is International Delivery?

This type of courier service crosses borders, which means that you'll be able to arrange for courier services between Singapore and another nation. Naturally, the cost of international courier services will be much higher than the cost of local services. It's all about the time, energy and organisation that it takes in order to get a package from Point A to Point B. When international delivery is chosen, there may also be customs issues to deal with. A good courier service will be able to ensure that your package makes it where it's supposed to go, right on time, and will have the skills to avoid a lot of customs issues. Shop around for an international delivery service with a strong reputation...

Now that you know what to look for, you'll be ready to find the right service.

Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

The Cuisinart TOB-40 toaster oven was a great buy! My old toaster oven broke, so I decided to upgrade a bit over the usual cheap pieces of junk that seriously do not last. I went with this one because of its price, features, and because I trust the Cuisinart name.


The Cuisinart TOB-40 is not a giant behemoth that takes up all of my counter space, but it has enough features to handle what I needed it for.

1.This toaster is 1800 Watts, and I love it! It heats up very quickly, and when toasting bread it doesn't dry it out or burn on one side while the other is still half toasted.

2.The TOB-40 also has even shade technology, which means it maintains a constant temperature and toasts the bread evenly. The different shade selectors are great for me, because all of us like out toast in different shades of "done". It is very easy to select even the lightest shade and it still come out perfectly.

3.I really like the slide out rack on the Cuisinart TOB-40 - I was always burning myself on the top of my old toaster oven, and being able to slide the rack out has helped me not do that anymore!

4.The size of the toasting area is great - I can even cook my pizzas in there without having to wait on the big oven to heat up, and holding 6 pieces of bread for toasting definitely helps speed up the process when you have a large family.

5.The auto shut-off feature is great too - I have been known to forget to shut it off, and now I don't have that moment of panic after I have left the house!

The Cuisinart TOB-40 is very easy to use. All I have to do is select a temperature and go, and I don't have to try to figure out several different options in order to cook one thing. Bells and whistles are great on some things, but I just needed a simple toaster oven, and this one fits the bill.

I also like the clean design of this Cuisinart. The stainless steel matches my other appliances, and it is very easy to keep clean inside and out. I am very happy with my Cuisinart TOB-40, and I look forward to several more years of use.

So Your Office And Life Are Portable. Can You Print This?

On a pleasant Tuesday morning two sales reps were having a great day. Complete strangers, Larry and Bob worked for separate companies, each looking to close a deal that morning. And both were starting the day off on the same good foot, eerily so.

Both used their smartphones to easily find their new clients' offices. Both used their go-anywhere wireless services to download last minute presentation updates. Both didn't worry about their clients' projectors working, they brought their own.

And both delivered a winning sales presentation. Next is when Larry's day went bad, while Bob's got better..

You see, both Larry and Bob made the sale, but only Bob could close it right then...on the spot...when his client was feeling good and ready to sign. Bob, like Larry, knows there's no better time than this to close the deal. Bob was ready...Larry wasn't.

Why was Bob ready? Because he could brush up and finish the proposal right then? Well, yes...but Larry could too. They both had laptops and go-anywhere, wireless network access to their offices.

Printing Still Matters - And Sometimes It Can't Wait

What Bob had that Larry didn't was a printer...a portable bluetooth printer. Bob knew - and so did Larry - that in this wireless,go-anywhere, do-business-everywhere world, you still close a deal by putting ink on paper. Bob was ready to print out his proposal...right then and there.

Be like Bob. Even if you're not out there closing big deals, think of the times when you need to print...right then...right there.

Maybe you need more copies of your resumeduring a productive job fair; maybe you want to print pictures for your technology-challenged Mother while over for a visit; or maybe that class paper you procrastinated on is due in 10 minutes - and you just got it done while sitting outside the classroom.

Bluetooth - The Right Technology for Portable Printers

Paper printouts still matter, and portable bluetooth printer technology brings paper printouts to your wireless, be-anywhere life.

No cables to connect; automatic wireless connection to your laptop; no hassles with different brands of laptop and printer; and a standard that will be around a long time.

All this adds up to ease of use - and most important, being able to print when you're ready, wherever you are.

Some Guidance Please

OK, so you need portable printing, and bluetooth technology is the way to go. Here are tips to choose the best portable bluetooth printer for you…

  • How strong are you?  You may get a better price for an older, used printer - but plan on lugging around an extra 5 pounds. Newer models can weight as less as 1.4 pounds. Think about how far and how long each day you will be carrying around the extra weight.
  • How much portable gear can you juggle?  Look at the dimensions (height, width and length).  Older models will be more bulky, newer models more compact. Will it fit into your laptop bag orroller-board?
  • Is the bluetooth wireless technology built-in? Or will you have to add a bluetooth wireless card. Check this carefully to avoid an unpleasant surprise when unpacking your printer.
  • Will you do more than print paper?  For example, do you need to print photos, scan a page, or send a fax? Some or all of this capability will require add-ons to your purchase.
  • Will you need to share your portable printer? Better check for built-in (or add-on) capability for this. And remember, sharing might require wired network connections.
  • Will you need to print photos without a PC?  Check to see if memory card slots are available and how many.
  • And lastly, don’t forget the basics when choosing any printer. Check things like how many pages per minute, the range of document sizes, and the total number of pages a fully-charged battery can handle.

Try This Approach to Make a Good Purchase

A good approach to making the right purchase is to list how you use your stationary office or home printer today. Think about what and how much you print each month. And don’t forget about use of color or black-and-white.

With your list, look at product reviews on Amazon. Don’t bother with a portable bluetooth printer review that doesn’t have at least 40 buyer ratings with an average rating of 4 or higher.

Otherwise, you’re not taking advantage of enough positive, real buyer information to make the best decision. (Remember, products that are not getting a lot of ratings are not being bought. And be wary of average ratings below 4. Theseare signs to stay away.)

Next, build a short list of options from all your reviews and make the best decision for you. Maybe all things being equal, price is the decider. Or maybe your trust in a brand is most important.

You've done your homework. Now make a decision to bring your paper copies into your wireless, be-anywhere world!

What Happened to Larry?

Oh…remember Larry, the sales guy without the printer? His client got cold feet before Larry could get across town to print and send the proposal overnight.It’s too bad he and Bob never met…

Let California Change the Way You Think About Life

What if you could leave the drudgeries of everyday life behind for a while and spend some time exploring a veritable paradise instead? What if you could trade tonight's reheated meatloaf and stale beer for a plate of fresh, succulent seafood accompanied by a perfectly fruity glass of the finest Pinot Grigio you've ever tasted? What if instead of shivering at home in subzero temperatures, you could enjoy a near endless string of perfect 70-degree days on a beautiful beach?

When you make the decision to experience California on an up close and personal basis, you're instantly transported to a wonderland where all of these things and more are possible. Ever since the Gold Rush of the mid 1800's, the name California has been synonymous with such timeless concepts as progress, success, and fulfillment. The reason why is simple. California is the sort of place where dreams really do come true and literally anything is possible.

Fantastic Diversity

California is one of the largest states in all of America. This being the case, it encompasses a multitude of climates, terrains, and ecosystems. It's also home to some of the largest and most culturally diverse cities in the entire world including free-spirited, eclectic San Francisco, sunny San Diego, and iconic Los Angeles (which in and of itself is the same size as the country of Belgium).

Maybe to you, a dream vacation means standing in awe of the oldest trees or the highest waterfalls in the entire world. Perhaps it's all about enjoying some of the most sumptuous meals of your life alongside a full catalog of some of the world's most famous wines. It might even be about taking a drive along one of the country's most beautiful highways or enjoying some of the finest skiing, golfing, or horseback riding experiences of your life.

Whatever your heart desires, California offers you a chance to experience the vacation of a lifetime in vibrant, living color. The only worry you'll have will be in regards to tearing yourself away when it's time to go home!

Sunny Southern California

Even people living in the most remote corners of the world are familiar with what idyllic Southern California is all about. Endless beaches soaked in golden sunshine where daredevil surfers and dreamy sun worshipers alike congregate to take in the fresh, salty air and the soothing beat of the rolling Pacific waves. Bright, bustling shopping districts populated by the world's most beautiful people, including world-renowned movie stars and runway models.

Posh eateries located right next door to some of the world's most impressive art collections. This area is even home to Disneyland, the perfect vacation destination for those with young children… or those who are simply young at heart. Southern California is the perfect destination for people looking to add a little glitter, glam, and fantasy to their lives.

Idyllic Northern and Central California

If you're the sort that would rather experience the magic of California on more intimate terms, then you won't want to miss the chance to visit the states Central and Northernmost regions. Imagine hiking through some of the most peaceful, picturesque natural parks known to man and then stopping to enjoy a light picnic lunch while surveying a majestic natural vista and an entire parade of indigenous wildlife in its natural habitat.

Picture yourself taking in a stroll along San Francisco's historic Fisherman's Wharf and a tour of Alcatraz itself before tucking into the most delightfully rich bowl of Pacific clam chowder. Think of what it would be like to experience some of America's most creative and eclectic cultures first hand, all over the course of a single afternoon if you wish. Envision yourself and your loved ones tasting your way through Napa Valley, one of the world's most talked about and respected wine-making regions. That's just a small sampling of what awaits you in mild, idyllic Northern California.

Make California a Part of Your World View

Whether you're all about an action-oriented, fast-paced vacation or a peaceful, relaxing tour of the world's most fantastic eateries, spas, and natural areas, California is the world's premier destination for all of life's most memorable experiences… and it's just a phone call away. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to book your California getaway with us today and change the way you see the world forever.

Discover Our Expert Plumbing Services

If you’re in the market for affordable and expert plumbing services which are delivered by a company with years of experience, plus all of the right credentials, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We offer the plumbing services that most people need, for reasonable rates, and our team of clean, well-groomed plumbers deliver these services with the utmost respect, promptness and professionalism.

As well, you should know that we own a full complement of modern plumbing equipment which helps us to give superior results to each and every customer.

No job is too big or small, so we encourage you to connect with our company today. When you do, we’ll set up a consultation and provide you with a post-consultation quote. Once you’ve approved the quote, our team will spring into action and perform plumbing work with painstaking attention to detail. While they’ll never rush a single thing, they will complete tasks as quickly as possible, in order to minimize interruptions to your lifestyle.

Now, let’s take a look at our roster of plumbing services…

We Offer an Array of Services

When you place your trust in our company today, you’ll be able to access all of the services that you need. Our company makes “one-stop shopping easy”, as we provide plumbing repair, plumbing maintenance and plumbing installation, as well as leak detection and repair, drain cleaning, Hydro-jetting and trenchless sewer repair/installation.

As well, we offer slab leak and gas leak repair services. Our team also takes care of re-piping, along with repair of water heaters and installation of water heaters (including tankless water heater designs).

Choose your preferred services or let us help you decide which services are needed. We are happy to offer advice and guidance to our customers. We have a lot of knowledge to share and we want to help you enjoy perfect plumbing at your private residence or commercial space.

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When it comes to choosing a plumbing company, experience really matters. We’ve been serving the needs of people and businesses in our communities for years, so we have a proven track record. Our loyal customers know that we offer polite and caring service, without over-charging for what we provide. We are proud of our good reviews and we know that we’re only as good as our last job. By contacting our team today, you’ll be choosing a company that really cares.

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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your First Paid Social Campaign

Paid social media marketing is a smart initiative and more and more entrepreneurs are choosing it in order to attract customers via the World Wide Web. A recent chart produced by eMarketer ( shows that seventy-six percent of business-to-consumer "paid ad" buyers find these promoted advertisements to be worth the money, as the ads help to build brands and to boost Web traffic and conversions.

These days, multifamily marketers are also discovering the myriad advantages of paid social campaigns, which assist them with developing the right multifamily marketing solutions for attracting home renters who are perfect fits for their niche. Renters are increasingly discerning and they want the right blend of beauty, function, technology and amenities from prospective rental properties.

With paid ads, it's possible to highlight the strengths of multifamily housing units, via the social media platforms that families utilise each and every day.

However, without the right setup and tracking tools, it may be difficult to accurately measure the benefits of a paid social campaign. Today, we'd like to help by showing you and other multifamily marketers how to measure first and subsequent paid social campaigns. This useful information will help you to decide whether or not the money that you are spending on paid ads is money well spent.

How to Get Started

It's best to do a little work before you pay for your ads and before these ads begin to run via your preferred social media platforms. The best way to set the stage for measurement success is to define some metrics in advance. In case you don't already know, metrics are quantifiable measurements which are utilised in order to track and assess statuses of particular business processes. Choosing the right metrics is about determining your own goals.

So, you should definitely consider what your objective is for your campaign. Some people want to increase rentals in multifamily housing units or communities, while others are interested in boosting downloads to promotional apps, or increasing Facebook "likes", or what have you.

Once you've set your objective or objectives, you'll be able to come up with a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) which will allow for accurate measurements, which will in turn assist you with determining whether or not you're meeting your goals and getting sufficient return on investment (ROI) from your first paid social campaign.

Your KPI is the data that you'll need to track in order to assess one aspect of your campaign. It may be one type of data or a small group of data types. It's good to keep KPI information on hand in a digital spreadsheet or document and then use it when needed. Tracking with regularity is important and having this information, along with metrics information, at your fingertips will allow for efficient and scheduled tracking/measurement.

Track Results Via a Free Online Interface

There are quite a few ways to track performance. One of the most popular options is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is free to use and adding urls from paid social campaigns to this Google interface will give you access to plenty of data which you may utilise in order to measure paid social campaigns. For example, you'll be able to check out daily visit numbers and find out where people came from. There are an array of bench-marketing reports available via the Analytics program, including location, devices and channels. Do a little reading on each type of report so that you have a deeper understanding of which type of data will be delivered via that report.

The team at Google offer quite a bit of help and information about Analytics, as it pertains to measuring paid social campaigns. If you'd like more information, be sure to visit this link:

Facebook Also Offers Measuring Tools

Social return on investment via paid Facebook ads may be measured with the free-to-access tool known as Facebook Insights. This tool is available for every admin on a page and you'll find it near Activity and Settings icons. It's smart to use Insights if you are interested in measuring social impact. This is often an important metric, so it's well worth paying attention to (and tracking) and Facebook Insights makes it so easy.

When you use the interface, you'll be able to see the number of "likes" that you got per week and how they compared to the previous week's "likes". Also, you'll be able to find out how your paid campaign performed in terms of "engagement", which is about shares, comments and "likes". You'll see engagement data for specific posts and this will help you to discover which ads are really hitting home runs with Facebook users.

Some information is about organic traffic on Facebook and other information is about paid ads. You'll be able to tell the difference, as they are categorized. Naturally, you'll be focusing on the paid ad information in order to assess return on investment and overall campaign success.

Twitter Also Offers Measurement Tools

Facebook has great tools and Twitter does, too. If you're interested in buying Twitter "promoted tweets", you'll benefit from using Twitter Analytics. It comes with graphs which display the number of times that viewers looked at your tweets and whether they were clicked on if they included links. As well, you'll be able to determine whether or not a tweet became someone's "favorite" or was re-tweeted. It's possible to get lots of practical information from this useful tool, so it's definitely something to utilise if paid Twitter "tweets" are a part of your paid social campaign strategy.

Social Media is So Important

Multifamily marketers who invest in paid ads on social media are "smart cookies". These days, over a billion and a half social media users rely on Facebook in order to enjoy themselves, connect with others and find out what's new. This is just one example of how social media is so powerful and popular. Naturally, since so many people flock to Facebook and are basically hooked on the service, it's a great place to seek out new customers. There's a worldwide pool of prospective customers available and choosing paid Facebook ads will allow you to target your ideal customers, based on a host of criteria, from age to gender to location (or all of these at once) and beyond.

Of course, Facebook has the most power. However, other social media platforms are also really impressive. They all have something to offer and all provide paid ad options in some format. While Facebook is probably the no-brainer here, it's wise to check out all paid ad options, as you may want to expand your reach by using a few of them.

Start Measuring Your Progress Today

Now is a great time to measure the progress of your first paid social campaign. Hopefully, this guide will help you to do it more efficiently. While there are some things to consider, such as metrics, KPIs and which tracking interfaces are best, you'll find that our guide makes it simpler to get organised and start collecting the right information. We want to make it simpler for you to enjoy a stress-free and streamlined measuring experience. After all, multifamily marketing is a tough job and you wear many hats.

Once you've discovered the power and potential of paid social campaign measurement, you'll be ready to move forward and determine the ROI (return on investment) of your first campaign. Once you've learned the basics during the first campaign, you'll be primed to use what you've learned in all subsequent paid social media campaigns.


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