Terms of Service

1. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT. This Agreement is an electronic contract that sets out the legally binding terms of your use of the Site and the Service. This Agreement may be modified by NatashaNixon at any time. By using the NatashaNixon.com service you agree to the terms and conditions herein. By using our service you consent to have this Agreement provided to you in electronic form.

2. REFUNDS. NatashaNixon.com does not offer refunds or money back. In the event you are not satisfied with your order, your content can be revised - for more information please refer to our "Revision Policy".

If for whatever reason, at our sole discretion we decide to make an exception and provide you with a refund on your order we will deduct $1 to cover transactional fees associated with your payment. We will also deduct a further 5% of the total order cost to cover administrative costs which include order formatting, structuring, processing as well as other tasks performed by our team whenever a new order comes in. Alternatively we may provide you the option, at our discretion, to keep your payment with us as credit towards a future order. There are no transactional or administrative fees associated with this option.

3. REVISION POLICY. In the event we deviate from your instructions, changes will be made free. Changes that deviate from the original instructions will not qualify for a revision. Revisions are always done by the same writer who wrote your original content. We cannot have a different writer revise articles written by the original writer.

Within 14 days of receiving your order, you are entitled to revisions, and follow up questions concerning the order. After 14 days, the order will be considered completed, revisions will not be provided and any questions related to your order will not be addressed. Always check your order within the 14 days of receiving it so if any concerns arise they can be addressed.

4. COPYSCAPE POLICY. We allow a margin of duplicate content if it falls under the following: direct, attributed questions,product/brand names and keywords amounting to no more than 8% of content. By purchasing our service, you agree to these terms. We are not legally responsible for higher percentage of copyscape failure, due to technical limitations in our backend system when running copyscape checks, if you find that your article contains more than 8% of duplicate content, please contact us and we will resolve it. We only guarantee Copyscape passed content in line with the previous specifications, other plagiarism checkers will not be accepted as proof of plagiarism due to their unreliable nature.

Due to the complicated nature of proving the publication date of online content, we do not accept notices of alleged plagiarism after 14 days have passed since the delivery of your order.

5. NATASHANIXON.COM REVIEWS. Reviews about our service are welcome, whether positive or negative in nature. However In the event you make negative claims about the quality of the content returned to you, including writing style, grammar, spelling, structure or any other element of the content, we reserve the right to post "said" articles online for user feedback. You waive your exclusive ownership rights to the articles by making negative and or inaccurate public claims about quality.

6. CONTENT OWNERSHIP. Once the articles have been delivered, the rights are transferred to you, the client. However In the event that you post a negative public review or claim about any aspect of the quality of the article, you waive exclusive publishing rights to the articles as the content you ordered may be posted online in order to allow others to determine the accuracy of your claims.

7. EMAIL COMMUNICATION. By ordering from Natashanixon.com you agree to be placed on our email list. We may email you about the status of your order, for the purposes of delivering completed content and we may also send you commercial emails and promotions for other products and services owned by us or third parties.

If we determine that we cannot fulfil your order or you ordered and decided to cancel the project before we started and we agree to a refund, there will be a $1 fee deducted from your payment to cover processing and transactional fees associated with your payment.

8. DISPUTES: Disputing an order results in the immediate revocation of buyers ownership with the articles, and forfeiting that ownership over to NatashaNixon.com. Should the buyer win or lose the dispute, the rights to the articles still remain with NatashaNixon.com and cannot be used or published by the buyer in any fashion, online or offline. We will pursue to the fullest extent of the law any violation of this agreement.